Developing the Mind

Little Bugs Nursery enables children to develop the confidence to tackle problems and overcome obstacles. Our classrooms are divided into small groups to ensure the experience for each child fosters a positive and responsive reaction.

We strongly believe that our play based program allows children to inquire with our Educators and allow for self-discovery of new concepts all while learning at their own pace. All of our daily programs offered give the opportunity for children to interact with one another while understanding how to cope with feelings, power of choice and decision making and encourages self-regulation.

Nourishing the Body

At the centre, we form the very best program foundation for children to play and develop. All while understanding the key elements, we strongly believe our children’s well-being and safety is our top priority

Our nutritional meal plans are catered by “Wholesome Kids Catering” which provide healthy and nutritious hot meals and snacks. All meal plans will be send to the parents with our Parent Hand Book and will be posted within the centre. Little Bugs Nursery is a Nut-Free Environment and will not allow for any food from outside to be brought into the centre, other than “Wholesome Kids Catering”

Our program is developed to encourage a strong connection between physical and mental health therefore with our 2 hour a day outdoor activities, children can foster a world of movement and we can encourage fitness into our daily program.

We believe a well balanced program of play and rest is key for Toddlers and Pre-school children, we encourage children to nap for 2 hours’ mid-day

Fostering the soul

Our goal is to support the child’s ability to participate in a meaningful and purposeful manner through physical, social and learning environment.

We strive to ensure each child shall have a sense of belonging. We assist children with their social, emotional and physical needs as they flourish through their journey.We encourage children to regulate their own behavior by offering them choices and the opportunity for expression. Communication is encouraged at our centre through words and use of materials.

We model and support behavior that are nonviolent and inclusive of all races, cultures, abilities and family structures. Individual support plans are developed collaboratively with families and community professionals for all children with special needs enrolled in the program.